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Monday, 20 November 2017

An Atlanta rapper and his cousin who went missing two weeks ago have been found dead.
The bodies of Edward Reeves, whose stage name is Bambino Gold, 28, right, and his cousin Kendrick Stokes were found in a wooded area in Macon County, Alabama, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
The first body was discovered in a wooded area off County Road 13, while the second body was found in the woods off Highway 80, about 4 miles from where the first body was found.
The pair went missing after they left on the 5th of November for Montgomery.
Rumors have it that drugs were involved in their deaths, while others say an ex-girlfriend of Bambino Gold’s set him up to be killed for cheating on her. The woman’s previous ex-boyfriend equally met the same fate after he cheated on her with another lady.
The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is presently handly the case, WTVM reported.
Bambino who has collaborated with rapper Lil Boosie, is best known for the 2006 hit, “Wipe Me Down.”
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