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Saturday, 16 December 2017
Read Letter sent to Senator Mao Ohuabunwa from his constituency

The Council of Ndi Ezeogo in Arochukwu Kingdom wrote a letter to Senator Mao Ohuabunwa requesting that he use his influence to convince the Minister of Power, Works and Housing to ensure that the Rehabilitation of Bende-Ohafia-Arochukwu road is awarded to a reputable company.

Read letter below:

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I Don’t Run Family Government - Governor Okorocha

Governor Rochas Okorocha has denied running a ‘family’ government as claimed by some elites in the state, saying those behind that claim missed the point.

He said more than 4,000 children had gone to University through Rochas Foundation and more than 15,000 of such children were also in the various colleges of the Foundation.

Okorocha spoke when more than 5,000 members of the Rochas Mandate Movement held solidarity rally for him in Owerri, on Friday December 15, 2017. He stated that those who never offered the people of the state leadership when they held sway but only shared the people’s resources would never come back to power in the state.

He said, “Uche Nwosu who is from Nkwerre Local Government Area and Prince Eze Madumere, from Mbaitoli LGA are all counted today as members of my family because they have grown to prominence but when they took those steps of faith, no one counted them as members of my family.”

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INEC Sacks Three Officials For Registering Kogi Gov Twice

The Independent National Electoral Commission says it has approved the immediate sacking of two of its officials and the compulsory retirement of another electoral official for their alleged role in the double registration of the Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello.

The electoral body, however, stated that it could not take any action against Bello because “ he is still enjoying immunity by virtue of Section 308 of the 1999 Constitution.”

The INEC National Commissioner and member, Information and Voter Education Committee, Mrs. May Agbmuche-Mbu, also revealed that the commission had approved the registration of 21 political parties bringing the total of registered political parties to 67.

The statement read in part, “Following reports of the alleged double registration by the governor of Kogi State in the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration, the commission set up a panel of investigation into the involvement of (members of staff) in the matter.

“The initial report set up by the panel was referred to the appointment, promotion and disciplinary committee, which made recommendations to the commission.

“While the governor of Kogi State currently enjoys immunity from prosecution, the commission approved the summary dismissal of two employees for acts of misconduct and the immediate and compulsory retirement of an electoral officer for acts of gross misconduct.”
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Drama: As Prison Inmate Begs Court Not To Free Him

Punch reports that there was a mild drama at Ekwulobia prisons in Anambra State on Friday when an inmate, Tobias Mbaekwe, who was granted amnesty by Chief Judge of Anambra State, Justice Peter Umeadi, on health grounds, declined the pardon.

Mbaekwe, from Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of the state, was among 13 others freed in the exercise.

The defendant fell on the floor shortly after the ruling that he should be freed on bail, begging the Chief Judge to allow him stay back in the prison, where he said his life was better secured.

He informed the court that his relatives would gang up and kill him if freed.

He said, “They said they will kill me if I come back home. They grabbed my father’s land after killing him in 1980. They latter kidnapped me and threatened to kill me and that is why they abandoned me here since 2012,” he cried.

Justice Umeadi, however, directed Ekwulobia Prisons Welfare Officer to take the defendant to the Divisional Police Officer of Ozubulu Police Station to take Mbaekwe home.

The judge directed that the defendant should be visited every three months to ascertain his situation.

Justice Umeadi said the culprit could be re-arraigned anytime the police would want to prosecute him.
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David Mark in EFCC net Over Allegation Of Stolen Billions During His Senate's Tenure

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), yesterday quizzed former Senate President, David Mark for allegedly stealing billions of naira, alongside other leaders of the National Assembly during his tenure.

It was gathered that Mark, a former military general was invited to make statements to the commission on how several billions meant for projects at the national assembly were allegedly shared between him and a few others.

He was released to go home after the interrogation, expected to return after the holidays. Reacting to the development, Comrade James Oche of Door to Door, Mark’s campaign organisation, described the invitation as witchunt.

He said, “Look at the list – Sule Lamido, Atiku, now David Mark". The President should deal with insecurity and monumental failings and not try to bully people who want to get into the ring with him. What is he afraid of, even Mugabe invited and accepted opponents.
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Council of Ndi Ezeogo in Arochukwu Kingdom Write's Open Letter to Minister

Recently,  the Buhari administration placed the reconstruction of Arochukwu-Ohafia road as one of its capital projects. This news has been greeted with much hope and expectations,  prompting the council of Ndi Ezeogo in Arochukwu kingdom in writing an open letter to the Minister of Power, Works and Housing.

Read letter below:

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Arochukwu Traditional Leaders Cries for Help Over their Road, Plead With Sen Mao to Rescue Them

The Arochukwu-Ohafia Road is a Federal road which  runs from Ebem, Ohafia to Amuvi in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State. This road spanning 23 kilometres is a major link road  and also covers the towns of Ihechiowa and Ututu as well as Abam and Isu communities.

This road was first constructed by  Dr.  Michael Okpara, the then Premier of the Eastern Region,  with the intention of  connecting the food producing areas within that area to Umuahia Province. 

Under the Second  Republic, the road was again rehabilitated. From that period up till the emergence of General Sani Abacha,  the Arochukwu-Ohafia road was ignored by Federal Government, worse of all was that even with the intervention of the Abacha's Petroleum Trust Fund,   the project did not experience any notable change owing to the winding down of PTF by the Obasanjo administration with work stopping at Egbem Ohafia. The reversion of the job from the PTF to the Federal Ministry of Works also did not seem to help matters. 

However in 2012, it seemed that respite had come to mitigate the sorry plight of the people residing in these communities, with the awarding of the reconstruction of the road to an  indigenous firm,  this again proved to be a mirage as the local construction company could only achieve little, leaving the road worse than its previous state. 

Recently,  the Buhari administration again placed the reconstruction of the road as one of its capital projects. This news has been greeted with much hope and expectations,  prompting to visit the area and elicit opinions about the Federal Government's plans as well as help inform our readers about the plight of the people living within the area.

The effects of the poor state of the road on the local economy of these communities cannot be wished away. Farming, which is the mainstay of the people of this area is largely hampered by the inability of most farmers to move their produce seamlessly to other areas.  The cost of transportation alone is alarming as most commercial vehicle owners largely choose not to ply the road and  transfer the 'huge'costs of plying such bad roads to the farmer which in turn makes his produce more expensive by the time he gets to the market. This makes farming in such areas tasking and non lucrative.

Also the poor state of the road is said to be  impacting negatively on the tourism potentials of that area, according to Mazi Isaac Okpara Onoh,  the Ezeogo 13 of Agbagwu Village,  the bad state of the road had seriously affected the attendance of a number of festivals by Aro people in diaspora,  he stated this in line with the fact that over 200 communities all over the SouthEast region of Nigeria are linked to Arochukwu where these communities migrated from. This means that people from other areas would always find it difficult to celebrate with their kith and kin in Arochukwu. 

Again, properties within such areas have low premium values attached to them,  and for many, settling down within these areas is usually a last resort since commuting to other areas subjects them to several rigours that are largely unbearable.  Even indigenes of these areas look to other areas outside these areas for accommodation.

Health wise,  these people do not fare any better. With the communities lacking functional hospitals, a number of sick persons require movement to areas where they can receive treatment.  Sadly,  a number of these patients in the course of going for such treatment have died owing to further complications that may arise while trying to navigate the road, which normally takes three hours say from Arochukwu to Umuahia instead of one hour. Those who survive usually recount such survival as epic tales.    

The dust from such areas particularly in the dry season is also capable of resulting into a number of respiratory diseases as well as may further compound a number of cases for those who suffer from known respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis.

It is to this end that residents within the area have commended the Buhari administration for approving the project, however,  such commendations have come with some sort of caveat on the category of construction company that should be awarded the project. 

The people believe that owing to the topography of the road,  having suffered much neglect, that it is indeed necessary for the Federal Government to award the contract to firms with the technical ability to finish the road in due time. 

Lamenting the inability of the former contractor to do justice to the job, a number of stakeholders who spoke to correspondents of called on the Federal Government as well as the Federal Ministry of Works to ensure that the work was awarded to a competent firm. 

Speaking to the blog,  the Ezeogo of Ata Arochukwu , Mazi Charles Kanu Okoro, admonished the government to shun construction companies with poor technical capabilities in order to help the people of that area who he said have suffered for a period of 30 years. " Having witnessed this ugly situation for thirty years, we want to thank the Honourable Minister, President Buhari and our son Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa for identifying with this road, and coming to our rescue. We plead with Sen Mao to urge the President and Minister to give us a befitting contractor to repair the road.  Looking at Arochukwu Ohafia road which is so bad having been seriously eroded,  there is no need to allot the contract to passerby companies," he said. 

Another traditional ruler,  Mazi Thomas Okoroji noted that the people would be glad if the Federal Government shunned quack companies so that the sufferings of the people would be a thing of the past. 

With such move, will as a watchdog of our society continue to monitor the process of the road project with the mindset that the people living within these areas, surely deserve better. 
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Friday, 15 December 2017
SHOCKING: 4 teens charged in murder of Everett mother

Julie Knechtel was fatally shot during a burglary last week.
Four teens were charged Monday after an Everett mother was fatally shot during a suspected robbery.
Bryan E. Rodriguez-Hernandez, 16, Gladyz Valencia-Anguiano, 16, Larry Dontese Dorrough, 16, and Mondrell Maurice Robertson, 17, were all been charged as adults with first degree murder.
A 15-year-old boy was also held in connection with the crime. HEROES REAL LIFE is not naming him, because he is a minor and not being charged as an adult.
Julie Knechtel was killed when she rushed to her son’s defense during a burglary on Thursday. The suspects went to their family home intending to rob Knechtel’s son, Michael Young, of drugs and money, according to court documents.
Rodriguez-Hernandez, Dorrough, Robertson, and the 15-year-old suspect went to a shed near the family home where Young lived while Valencia-Anguiano stayed in the car, according to documents.
After breaking down the door to the shed, the suspects fought with Young. During the attack, Knechtel turned up to defend her son.
Knechtel was shot in the chest and killed. Young was also injured with a gunshot wound.
Rodriguez-Hernandez and Dorrough are being held on $1 million bail. Valencia-Anguiano and Robertson are being held on $500,000 bail.
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MUST READ: Man charged with bathroom voyeurism at Tacoma university

His alleged victims are concerned why the University of Puget Sound did not identify the suspect by name or photo.
A 30-year-old Tacoma man is accused of recording women in restrooms at the University of Puget Sound. Adam Randolph pleaded not guilty to seven counts of voyeurism and three counts of attempted voyeurism in Pierce County Court. He is a level two sex offender who lives near the campus.
According to court documents, he used a cell phone to record women in bathroom stalls at the University of Puget Sound between November 2016 and February 2017. A student reported seeing a suspicious person in the women’s restroom and reported it to campus security. The school worked with the Tacoma Police Department to identify the suspect as Randolph.
At least two of his alleged victims expressed concerns about the university's handling of the case. UPS did not release Randolph's name or photo, even after he was charged.
“I just feel like my sense of security was taken away,” said Carter Peckham. The physical therapist and former faculty member at UPS says she found out this year that she was one of several victims: “As I understand it, he recorded me in a stall from underneath and over the top.”
Peckham said she had to identify herself after police showed her a still photo of herself in the stall. Court documents say the camera was then repositioned to view her at the sink washing her hands.
“You expect to be safe in your workplace and your school. I would want that for anyone to not have to think twice about whether or not they’re being watched,” she said.

Peckham said she received an email from University of Puget Sound Security in January, notifying students and staff that the university received a report of a suspicious male in the women’s restroom in Weyerhaeuser Hall.
Then in February, she said she received another email from the University, indicating Tacoma police identified a suspect, issued a trespass warning and released him pending further investigation. While the email included a description, there was no photo and no name of the suspect.
“He could be walking down the street and come into my office and I wouldn’t know who to look for and that’s really kind of scary,” said Peckham
Another alleged victim, named Celia has the same concerns. She showed up at Randolph’s arraignment Thursday morning.
“I’m sure he knows what I look like. But I don’t know what he looks like. I think we all need to be aware of who to look out for,” she said, “I need to know who I’m supposed to be staying away from and I shouldn’t have to go to court to do that to see who he is,” she said.
A UPS spokesperson released this statement: "The safety and security of our campus community is our highest priority. We have protocols in place that we followed to alert the campus community of this and other issues of concern, and to support those who are or may be most directly affected.
Security Services staff are vigilant regarding potential risks to campus and notify campus of potential concerns. In addition to our own Security Services staff and emergency response teams, we are deeply appreciative of a strong partnership with Tacoma Police, with whom we work closely to promote a safe environment.”

KING 5 asked the University of Puget Sound why it did not post the name or photo of Adam Randolph after he was determined to be the suspect and/or after he was charged.
A spokesperson replied: "It was not determined to be a best practice in this case."
Randolph is being held on $50,000 bail. Peckham said she will not return to UPS as faculty in the spring.
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Saturday, 9 December 2017
'X-Men' director Bryan Singer accused of raping teen in Washington

According to a lawsuit filed in Washington, the alleged incident happened in 2003 on a party on a yacht in the Seattle area.
Director Bryan Singer, who has directed X-Men films and was fired this week from his Queen biopic, has been accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy.
In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Washington state, the alleged victim says the incident happened in 2003 when he attended a party on a yacht in the Seattle area. The alleged victim was 17 at the time.
The civil suit, obtained by USA TODAY, claims Singer offered to take the teen on a tour of the yacht. When they arrived at one of the rooms, the suit alleges Singer "forced Cesar to the floor, shoved [the alleged victim's] face against his crotch area and demanded Cesar perform oral sex on him." The suit says Singer then forcibly anally penetrated the teen.
Singer later promised he would help the alleged victim in Hollywood if he didn't tell anyone what had happened, the suit says.
The allegation hits the same week Singer was fired from his film Bohemian Rhapsody, which has been filming in London.
Reports had surfaced that Singer, 52, had been absent from the set in recent weeks, forcing production to shut down last Friday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Singer defended himself publicly, saying in a statement he was in the U.S. helping an ailing parent.
20th Century Fox replaced him on Wednesday with Eddie the Eagle director Dexter Fletcher.
Singer's alleged victim is asking for damages related to experiencing "severe psychological, mental and emotional injuries, shame, humiliation and loss of enjoyment of life."
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Nigerian-Born Boxer, Bilal Fawaz Who Chose England Over Nigeria Set To Be Deported

Detained at the Tinsley House Immigration Centre at Gatwick Airport in West Sussex on November 29, 29-year-old Bilal Fawaz , who represented the UK 6 times in boxing, currently ranked the 3rd best middleweight in England, and was the 2012 ABA light-middleweight champion, currently faces deportation to Nigeria where his parents emigrated when he was just 14.

Fawaz who is now married to an English woman, was brought to the UK illegally by an uncle, who told him his father would be arriving soon, but the man never turned up.

The boxer who now calls himself Kelvin, was treated ‘like a slave’, joined bad gangs, got shot once and stabbed 25 times, before he ran away from the home he was living in and was taken into care home where he became a boxer.

Daily Mail reports that Fawaz says his mother is dead and he has no idea where his father is.

He also says he’s stateless, as his parents were Lebanese immigrants to Nigeria, and did not have Nigerian citizenship themselves.

He said:“I am a national champion — in 2014 I even boxed for England against Nigeria, the country they want to deport me to.

I have no other family to go back to, I don’t know anyone in Nigeria or anything about it – all I know is here."

It was gathered that Labour MP McDonnell and England Boxing have appealed to the authorities on the boxer’s behalf, but without success. The Home Office rejected his application to remain in the UK, and declared his marriage to a British citizen void.
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MUST READ Police Flee as Armed Robbers Attack Bullion Van, Cart Away N60m

Several armed robbers on Friday afternoon attacked a bullion van belonging to a first generation bank along the Benin-Asaba dual carriage way and made away with over N60 million.

The eight police officers that accompanied the bullion van had to run for safety after the robbers overpowered them during a shootout.

The police said investigation is on and hinted that it was an inside job.
Reports say they ambushed the van while it was heading to Agbor. Many motorists abandoned their vehicles in the middle of the road as the robbers fired gunshots in the air while the operation was ongoing.
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Friday, 8 December 2017
SHOCKING: In 1960, she went to confession and vanished. Now we know the priest murdered her.

For more than five decades, the black-and-white image of Irene Garza has haunted the town of McAllen, Tex., her story painfully recounted again and again.
She was a 25-year-old dark-haired former beauty queen, her high school’s first Latina drum majorette, the first in her family to graduate from college. She was named Miss All South Texas Sweetheart, and worked as a teacher for disadvantaged children.
But at the center of Garza’s life was her Catholic faith. In a letter to a friend in April 1960, she wrote about how she was no longer afraid of death. “You see, I’ve been going to communion and Mass daily and you can’t imagine the courage and faith and happiness it has given me,” she wrote in the letter, according to Texas Monthly.

And so when Holy Week came, the most sacred time of year for Catholics, Garza decided to go to confession.
On the eve of Easter, she drove to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen.
She never came home. Two days later, her beige, high-heeled shoe was found inches from the curb near the church. The following Thursday, her body was found floating in an irrigation canal.
An autopsy would later determine she had been beaten, suffocated, and raped while unconscious.
Authorities found few clues and struggled to piece together the moments before her death. But one fact soon became clear. Among the last to see her was a 27-year-old priest with horn-rimmed glasses — the Rev. John Feit.
The young priest admitted he had heard Irene’s confession that night, in the rectory instead of the confessional. But he denied killing the young woman. The priest avoided criminal charges, decade after decade. As the years passed, witnesses died, detectives changed and the investigation into Garza’s murder stalled.
More than 57 years later, the murder’s lone suspect has now been found guilty. On Thursday evening, after a six-day trial in the Hidalgo County Courthouse in Edinburg, a jury convicted Feit, now an 85-year-old ex-priest, of murdering Garza.
The conviction brings long-awaited closure to one of the oldest cases in the Hidalgo County judicial system, according to the San Antonio Express-News. It is a case that captivated the town and the nation, and one that reaches back to a time long before many clergy abuse cases surfaced to the forefront of public awareness.
© Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post Former Catholic priest John Feit, center, walks to the 92nd state District Court for the third day of his trial. (Nathan Lambrecht/The Monitor via AP) But even after Feit’s conviction, questions persist about why it took so long to resolve the case, and whether the church and elected officials tried to cover it up.
In Feit’s trial, prosecutors presented evidence that elected law enforcement officials and church officers suspected that Feit killed Garza, the Associated Press reported. But prosecutors allege the district attorney and church leaders cut a deal to stop the investigation, to protect the reputation of the church.
Most elected officials at the time in Hidalgo County were Catholic, according to the AP, and then-Sen. John F. Kennedy, a Catholic from Massachusetts, was running for president that year.
Thomas Doyle, 73, a Catholic priest and expert on sexual abuse and church law, read in court a letter recovered via subpoena of the Archdiocese of San Antonio and the Diocese of Corpus Christi, according to the McAllen newspaper the Monitor.
The letter, sent between clergy officials in October 1960, expressed concerns that if a priest was charged in Garza’s death, Kennedy’s presidential campaign and the reelection chances of the local Catholic sheriff would be at stake.
The Rev. Joseph Pawlicki, a pastor at a church outside Austin, wrote to the Rev. Lawrence Seidel, the head of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate order to which Feit belonged, insisting he hire a private investigator to find “loopholes” in Feit’s case, the Monitor reported.
The letter and trial testimony provide some clues as to why, for decades, Feit’s case went cold.
In the beginning, shortly after Garza’s death, telling evidence all pointed to Feit. A photo-slide viewer with a handwritten note saying it belonged to Feit was found in the same canal where Garza was found dead.
The Rev. Joseph O’Brien, an assistant pastor at Feit’s church, said that when a group gathered to drink coffee after midnight mass, he noticed that Feit had scratches on his hands.
Detectives also found out that Feit had been accused of attacking another young woman in a church in a nearby town just weeks before Garza’s death. While she was kneeling at the Holy Communion rail, CBS reported, a man matching Feit’s description grabbed her from behind and tried to put a rag over her mouth.
When asked to pick her assailant out of a police lineup, the young woman chose Feit. When he took a polygraph test and denied that he had harmed either Garza or the other woman, the examiner concluded that he was lying. He eventually pleaded no contest and was fined $500.
Despite all this, officials decided the evidence was not strong enough for prosecution. No charges were filed against him for Garza’s murder. Locals wondered whether the church had conspired with the district attorney’s office or if the elected officials were too afraid to challenge the church.
Then, in April of 2002, the San Antonio police department received a phone call from a former priest in Oklahoma City — Dale Tacheny. He explained that in 1963, he had lived at a Trappist monastery in Missouri and counseled a priest from San Antonio.
“He told me that he had attacked a young woman in a parish on Easter weekend and murdered her,” the caller said, according to Texas Monthly. In a letter, Tacheny identified Feit and recounted how he took the woman to the parish house to hear her confession. After hearing her confession he assaulted, bound and gagged her, Tacheny said.
Tacheny said he kept these confessions to himself out of a religious obligation. But decades later, he changed his mind.
The Texas Rangers’ cold-case unit reopened the case, and also interviewed another key witness, O’Brien. But then-Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra refused to take the evidence to a grand jury, saying it was insufficient, lacking DNA or a confession, the Texas Monthly reported. He was eventually pressured into it but never called the two priests as witnesses. The grand jury declined to indict Feit in 2004 and O’Brien died in 2005. Garza’s family began to lose hope that justice would ever come.
© Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post Noemi Sigler hugs Hidalo County Assistant District Attorney Michael Garza following the guilty verdict. (Nathan Lambrecht/The Monitor via AP) Then, in February of last year, Feit — no longer a priest — was arrested in connection with Garza’s killing. He was apprehended in Phoenix, where he lived with his family.
Feit had left the priesthood in 1972, after spending some time at a treatment center for troubled priests in New Mexico, and at monasteries in multiple states. At one point he served as a supervisor charged with clearing priests for assignments to churches. One of the men Feit helped clear for a parish was James Porter, convicted of assaulting more than 100 victims, including children, the AP reported.
Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez’s office presented the case against Feit to the grand jury, which handed down the indictment. Rodriguez campaigned for election in part on a pledge to reopen the Garza murder case, after his predecessor had been unsuccessful at solving it.
Still, the trial ahead was daunting.
“Can Rodriguez win a conviction in a case that is now 56 years old, and whose star witness — Dale Tacheny — is in his eighties?” Pamela Colloff, the Texas Monthly reporter who has reported on the case for years, wrote after the arrest. “It remains to be seen whether justice will finally be served for Irene, or whether Feit . . . can outrun the clock.”
At trial this week, Tacheny described how Feit had confessed to him that he had murdered a young woman. It wasn’t until years later that he learned that the woman was Garza.
“So I asked Father Feit, why are you here and not in prison?” Tacheny recounted, according to video of the testimony from KRGV. “He said there were three things. Number one, the church helped me, primarily through a priest. Law enforcement helped him. Finally, the seal of confession helped him.”
A childhood friend of Garza’s, Ana Maria Hollingsworth, also testified about a time during Holy Week in 1960 when Garza spoke to her about a new priest at the church, Feit.
“She said, ‘It’s not the same going to confession anymore because I don’t get to stay in the confessional. He comes to pull me out and says, oh, this place isn’t good enough for you. Let’s go to the rectory, where you’ll be more comfortable.’ And then they would walk off and go to the rectory,” Hollingsworth said.
The defense lawyers said in closing arguments that there was no actual evidence Feit had the intent to kill or was involved in Garza’s disappearance.
But the lead prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Michael Garza (no relation to the victim), described Feit during closing arguments as “a wolf in priest’s clothing waiting to attack” who came down to the Rio Grande Valley “to find his prey,” according to the Monitor.
As Feit heard the verdict, his face showed no emotion, videos showed. The now 85-year-old man left the courtroom supporting himself with a walker.
He asked that the jury decide his sentencing, which is scheduled for Friday morning. He could be sentenced to up to 99 years or life imprisonment, according to the AP.
Noemi Sigler, a relative of the victim, shed tears as she spoke to reporters after the verdict.
“I just feel like justice has been served,” she said. “I’m sorry, I’m so tired. It’s been such a long, long, long journey.”
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MUST READ Benny Sanders asks Donald Trump to resign as President over sexual misconduct

The sexual assault allegations which recently shook Hollywood has now gotten to the US Senate too, and United States senator Benny Sanders has chosen this time to remind us that Donald Trump is also guilty of sexually assaulting women and should resign.
The high-profile men accused of sexually assaulting women in a variety of industries have either been fired or resigned voluntarily. Benny Sanders thinks Donald Trump too should consider resigning over the various sexual assault allegations against him.
The United States senator tweeted: "We have a president who acknowledged on tape that he assaulted women. I would hope that he pays attention to what's going on and think about resigning."

Earlier, on Thursday morning, during an appearance on "CBS This Morning," Sanders was asked to weigh in on the sexual misconduct controversies embroiling the Senate right now. Democratic lawmakers were calling on Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., to resign over allegations that he groped and forcibly kissed women. Meanwhile, Roy Moore, who is accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls, is running for Senate in Alabama. Trump and other prominent Republicans still support his candidacy.
Sanders said on the morning show: "Well, let me take it a step further. We have a president of the United States who acknowledged on a tape widely seen all over the country that he assaulted women. So I would hope maybe the president of the United States might pay attention to what’s going on and also think about resigning."
Sanders' statement was in reference to the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape where Trump boasted that his celebrity status allows him to "just start kissing" beautiful women and "grab them by the pussy." Trump later dismissed these comments as "locker room talk," and no action was taken against him.
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